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Most questions about ANR and our services can be answered by information found throughout this Web site and in the FAQs on this page. However, if you have a question that is not addressed on this site, please contact us. We’ll respond quickly to your inquiry.


My client’s newspaper list is extensive. Can ANR handle large buys?
Whether an ad is intended to run in one newspaper or 1,000, ANR can efficiently handle every aspect of planning, placement, auditing and payment. ANR provides the research and makes placement recommendations, negotiates rates, issues insertion orders, audits tearsheets, resolves discrepancies, bills the agency or client on a consolidated invoice, and pays each newspaper.

Are ANR’s placement services limited to only daily or community newspapers?
ANR covers more than 10,000 newspapers across the country. These include large urban dailies, suburban and rural community weeklies as well as ethnic, alternative and collegiate papers. We can assist you with all your newspaper placement requirements.

How does ANR handle insertion orders for each paper on the buy?
Once we receive a blanket insertion order or a buy authorization, we issue individual orders to each paper on the schedule. Insertion orders are faxed to the paper and a fax back confirmation of receipt is required. Copies of the confirmation are forwarded to the agency or the advertiser.

What can you tell me about the staff of ANR? What’s their experience with newspaper media?
ANR personnel all have many years of experience in, and knowledge of, newspaper media planning and placement. Many have advertising agency media experience. Others have acquired their knowledge from working on the newspaper side. Regardless of where the knowledge is accumulated, all are regarded as experts in the field. And all are ready to help ANR clients make newspaper media selection something simple and easy.


My client has retail outlets across the country and requires a media program across several markets. Can ANR assist me in identifying newspapers and developing a plan to meet specific coverage needs and objectives?
Yes. A great number of agencies and advertisers rely upon ANR research for their media planning and buying. Our research is derived from our proprietary database of 10,000+ community newspapers. Using the database as a tool, we can make appropriate recommendations for efficient single-market and multi-market media reach and frequency.

What types of research formats does ANR offer?
Research reports can be generated in a number of formats, including county, state, and DMA listings. We prepare Newspaper Circulation Coverage Reports that offer analyses of prospective advertiser markets, determine circulation coverage priorities, and allow development of effective and efficient newspaper media plans on a local, regional or national basis. These reports help determine where, when, and how often clients should advertise in certain markets. With this valuable information at hand, media decisions are easier to make and the results are more rewarding. The reports are based on a client’s unique marketing objectives. ANR also generates reports comparing the coverage of daily newspapers to weekly newspapers.

What is the turnaround time for reports?
In most cases, our standardized research reports, with planning rates, can be delivered in 24 hours or less. Customized reports may take a little longer. In any case, we will always give you an estimated time of delivery.


Does ANR negotiate rates on a client’s behalf?
Yes. ANR negotiates the lowest possible rates on behalf of our clients. We are able to negotiate rates because we are a full-service newspaper representative company, not simply an uninvolved facilitator.

What rates should I expect to pay for advertising placed through ANR?
ANR can work with virtually any rate for which you qualify, including open, retail, bulk, contract, and frequency rates. The rates we quote are generally gross, and include the agency’s 15% commission. We can also quote net rates if requested.


How does ANR handle billing to the agency?
ANR consolidates billing for each buy on a single monthly invoice allowing the agency to pay with a single check to ANR. In turn, we handle all payments to individual newspapers.

I’m not an advertising agency, just an advertiser. Will that single invoice policy apply to me, too?
Yes. We provide the same efficient processes to agencies and advertisers alike.


Does ANR provide tearsheets for each ad ordered?
ANR clients receive the number of tearsheets they requested. The tearsheets are neatly organized, labeled and included with the invoice.

What happens if placement discrepancies occur?
ANR resolves discrepancies before billing clients. We negotiate make-goods and credits for our clients. ANR clients never pay more than the quoted rate and are always assured the ads ran as ordered before they are billed.


Is the ANR National Directory of Community Newspapers available for purchase?
Yes. The directory is an ANR exclusive and covers more than 10,000 newspapers. The cost of the ANR National Directory of Community Newspapers is $75.00 post paid. If you are interested in purchasing one for your agency library, simply click here.

How can I get a free directory?
The ANR National Directory of Community Newspapers is free to our clients. If you purchase a directory and subsequently place a buy through ANR, we will refund your purchase price.


How can I learn more about other companies’ experiences with ANR?
We would be very pleased to provide references and case studies. We have many long-term relationships of which we are very proud. Our clients would be happy to relate their histories with us and explain how we have worked together.

What’s the next step if I want to learn more about ANR and your services?
Make a call to 1-800-550-7557. It’s an easy first step. And the rest are even easier.

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